Bringing Memes to Web3

The GoodSoup DAO is a community-driven ecosystem that resides at the intersection of crypto, memes, and culture. We empower meme creators to capture more of the value they create.


Driven by Community

The primary function of GoodSoup is to create an environment that fosters collaboration through shared resources and knowledge for meme creators. A strong community is essential in accomplishing this mission, therefore it comes as a first priority to make sure it is thriving and robust.

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Powered by $SOUP

$SOUP is a cryptocurrency that's tied to the GoodSoup DAO. Having our own token enables us to incentivize community ventures and generate value collectively. Members hold $SOUP, ensuring a mutual commitment to our ecosystems success and to each other. $SOUP is built on the Solana blockchain, making transactions blazing fast and dirt cheap.

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How to Buy $SOUP?



Buy Solana on a centralized exchange, such as FTX or Coinbase.


Set up Wallet

Set up a Solana wallet, such as Phantom, and send your SOL to your public address.



Head to Raydium and swap $SOL for $SOUP. Congrats you're finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the GoodSoup DAO?

The best way to get started is to join the discord server and start sharing memes and collaborate with fellow members.

Do I need to own $SOUP to be part of GoodSoup DAO?

Short answer: No. But, owning $SOUP gives members governenace rights within the DAO and eventually the ability to access special features within the ecosystem.

Can $SOUP be bought on a centralized exchange?

Currently no, $SOUP can only be bought on Raydium DEX. But eventually as the ecosytem grows $SOUP will be listed on centralized exchanges.

Will GoodSoup ever build an app?

Building a mobile app is in the GoodSoup ecosystem roadmap. The mobile app will give creators the proper tools to create and share fire memes. It will be built on decentralized infrastructure.

What role do NFTs play in the GoodSoup Ecosystem?

Every week the GoodSoup DAO votes on the top 10 memes created by the community. Those memes will then be minted on the Solana blockchain and listed on a variety of marketplaces-- including Holaplex, Opensea, and many more in the future.

Where do proceeds from the NFT sales go?

The funds from NFT sales sit in the community managed treasury and will be used on ventures that further advance the GoodSoup ecosystem.